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Thank you very much for the report. It was very detailed and has enabled us to get an extra 10k off the asking price. Much appreciated.

Taylor Wilkinson Surveyors have carried out several Homebuyer’s reports for me and I’ve always found them to be trustworthy and straightforward. Their reports are factual and easy to read and they always meet agreed time scales.
Ryan Mallon
The team at Taylor Wilkinson combine great experience and knowledge of property/building issues, with excellent customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends, family and clients.
Sarah Keft
I really appreciate the time you have spent on the phone with me after I received your report. I was alarmed when you mentioned asbestos but feel much happier now I understand what needs to be done.
Brian Stovington
We contacted Taylor Wilkinson to seek advice on which type of survey would best suit our needs. They guided us through the options and we decided to take a Homebuyer’s Report. Their surveyor highlighted some potential problems and we addressed these with the vendor. It lead to a reduction in the purchase price. Their homebuyer’s report was worth every penny. I would not hesitate in recommending them.
Laura Toften
We chose to use Taylor Wilkinson to carry out a Building Survey on a commercial property as part of a feasibility study on its purchase. They are a flexible in their approach and are very accommodating. We received an initial verbal report on the condition of the building on the same day of the survey and the full report followed very efficiently.
Steve Scolkes
As a national charity it is important we consider costs and services very carefully. Taylor Wilkinson helped us with a property we were about to rent in Bristol and we were very impressed with how quickly they responded to our initial enquiry, as well as performing a survey, as we were under very short time scales. They met these without issue. The report itself was extremely comprehensive and easy to read, which left us feeling confident that we are now protected against any future issues which may arise.
Jim Tolley
We have now retained Taylor Wilkinson to act as our chosen Gross development Valuers on all our projects. their members have shown tremendous knowledge when providing values at 4 stages of the Development. Their efficiency has allowed us to progress the developments at the speed our clients require. This has undoubtedly saved us time and money.
Hannah Scott
We have worked with Taylor Wilkinson Surveyors for a number of months now and the results we get from them are amazing, The Ladies are so helpful and polite.
The communication between Norton finance and Mortgages and Taylor Wilkinson Surveyor is great and they are quick to resolve any issues that may occur.

We feel like we have a good relationship With Marion and Geraldine and we will continue to use Taylor Wilkinson Surveyors in the future.

Tammy Foster
Senior Financial Assistant

Tammy Foster
Taylor Wilkinson Surveyors were an absolute pleasure to work with. I work full time and found it difficult to answer emails during the day, they went that extra mile and discussed all my needs out of business hours. They even gave me a choice of Surveyors advising how far they were from my property. It was lovely to work with such a pleasant team
Jeffrey Ball – central London
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